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Demand for pipe and tube is not limited in the use for pipeline to transport substances or energy in the phases, gas, liquid, solid, powder or their mixture, but they are used as structure elements in automobiles, aircrafts, furniture, buildings, and in many other fields in which they are always used in a bent form for each specific purpose.

Automobile piping
Fuel pipe, cooling water line, lubrication oil path, exhaust pipe, hydraulic line, air condition system
Automobile structure parts
Chassis frame, bumpers, axle, sheet frame, steering wheel
Fuel line, boiler steam line, rigging
Air conditioner and freezer
Heat exchanger, peripheral piping
Construction equipment and transportation vehicles
Cabin frame, hydraulic line
Furniture and exteriors
Chair and table frame, handrail, gate
Hydraulic line, air conditioner, chair frame, other structure parts
Traing vehicles
Electric wiring duct, air conditioner piping, handrail
Frame, handle, exhaust pipe, fuel pipe
Medical equipment
Wheel chair frame, handrail in nursing care facilities and medical equipment's structure part
Household water heater
Gas burner water line, eco-type water line, eco-type carbon-dioxide heat exchanger
Civil engineering construction
Bridges structure, street light pillar, underground electric wiring duct, guardrail
Nuclear power plant cooling-water pipe, oil feed pipe

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